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Case Study - Results for San Antonio, TX

eConserve serviced a multifamily property in San Antonio, Texas in January 2018. The property was built in 1971 and had original plumbing fixtures in all of its 376 apartment units. In 2017, the water & sewer bills averaged $16,016 per month and the average monthly water consumption was over 1.89 million gallons. After implementing our program, we were able to save the property $133,000 on its annual water & sewer bills.

Our Service

Our first step included benchmarking its current water usage, performing a free analysis for the property, doing a site visit, and creating a unique solution for the property’s needs. eConserve implemented its Toilet Replacement Service. This water conservation service replaces toilets with an efficient Niagara Stealth 0.8 gallons per flush toilet, fixes all drips and leaks, and installs water-saving products to sinks and showers in every unit.

Our service included:

• Identifying all visible drips and leaks and making the necessary repairs (87)

• Removing & disposing of old, inefficient toilets (530)

• Installing new Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF toilets and wax rings (530)

• Replacing damaged or cracked toilet flanges (48)

• Replacing angle stops & supply lines if needed (62)

• Installing 1.5 GPM showerheads (422)

• Installing 1.0 GPM aerators in kitchen faucets (376)

• Installing 0.5 GPM aerators in bathroom faucets (530)

Results of Our Program

The results were already great just seven months after completion of the water conservation service.

The average monthly water consumption dropped from 1.89 million gallons of water to 530,000 gallons of water, saving 1.36 million gallons of water for the environment.

The average water/sewer expense dropped from $16,016 per month to $4,938 per month, a 69% financial savings.

The property now has an annual financial savings of over $133,000 and an increase in the property value of at least $665,000 dollars as a result of this water conservation solution. Results like these are not uncommon for us, check out our other case studies.

Rising Water Rates

With water rates constantly on the rise, your multifamily property can also achieve similar results with a water conservation program.

Starting January 1st, 2020, for San Antonio Water System multifamily customers, the Water Supply Fee rate will increase by a whopping 52.4%. (There are no proposed changes to the General Class Water & Sewer Service Rates, Residential Water Service Rates, or the Irrigation Service Rates for 2020). On average, rates usually increase nationally between 2% to 5% annually. While we cannot stop the rising water & sewer rates, we can offset its impact to your operating expenses and increase your NOI by targeting water consumption.

eConserve is an award-winning water conservation company that provides a comprehensive shared savings water conservation program to benchmark your water usage, and reduce your property’s water consumption, for no upfront investment. eConserve has serviced many properties in the San Antonio area, and is a top choice for water conservation in Texas. While we are based in Houston, Texas, we do retrofit multifamily properties all over the nation. As of 2020, we have retrofitted 225,000 units and have saved around 8 billion gallons of water for the environment.

Download this San Antonio case study HERE.


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