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eConserve has helped properties save money on their water bills, increase property value, and promote water conservation since 2008.


Our Services

We will cover 100% of the up-front investment for our services in the Shared Savings Program so there's NO COST & NO RISK to start saving water.

With both our Water Conservation Services, our team will fix all drips and leaks in every unit as well.


We will repair or replace toilets with the Niagara Stealth ultra high efficiency toilet with a 0.8 gallon flush. Standard toilets use 1.6 to 3 gallons of water per flush.

Faucet Aerators

We will repair and retrofit sink faucet aerators with a low flow, water-saving aerator that reduces the flow of water without reducing water pressure.

Shower Heads

We will repair and retrofit showers with a low flow, water saving shower head. This reduces up to 75% of water usage without reducing water pressure.


Our Footprint




Units Serviced

8 Billion

Gallons Saved


Our Process

1. Data Request

Obtain 12 months of historical water bills and survey site

2. Data Review

Analyze historical water usage

3. Design Program

Plan conservation around infrastructure & retrofits

4. Implement

Service site with fixtures and fix all drips and leaks.

5. Maintenance

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance


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