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Retrofit Services

eConserve, water conservation retrofit services

As your property ages, the plumbing systems and water related fixtures become less efficient, less reliable and more expensive to maintain.

We will show you what can be done to increase the efficiency of your water usage, how much it will cost, and how much you will save over time. 


As part of our Retrofit Services we will:

  • Identify and fix all drips and leaks inside every apartment unit

  • Install new, high quality & high efficiency retrofit products in the sinks and showers, and replace toilet flappers and flush valves inside every apartment unit.

  • Provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to keep the water consumption at a minimum and achieve the highest possible savings on your water bills

Get a Free Analysis today to identify your retrofit savings opportunity for your multifamily water consumption.

For those interested in our Toilet Replacement Service, we can retrofit sinks and showers with low flow products as well as replace toilets with an efficient, water saving Niagara Stealth toilet.

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