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Our Story

eConserve has been serving clients throughout the nation since 2008, offering two water conservation services: Retrofit Services and the Toilet Replacement Service to help save properties water. The firm works closely with multifamily properties, owners, and management companies to create a customized approach, specific to each property, to conserve water. Our mission is to save facilities money on its water bills, increase property value, and promote water conservation.

eCoserve Our Story, water consevation solutions

Awards & Honors

In 2018, one of the properties we serviced in Dallas, Texas won the 2019 NAA Return on Energy Award as a result of our Toilet Replacement Service. Its property value increased by $1,600,000 and since then, the water & sewer expense has dropped from an average of $43,600 per month to an average of only $16,600 per month− an incredible 62% financial savings! 


In 2015, eConserve was named as the Retrofit Chicago Innovative Partnership of the Year by Retrofit Chicago’s Commercial Buildings Initiative and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) for a property we retrofitted. The award is for properties in Chicago that pledge to improve energy efficiency by 20% within five years. By creating tangible economic and environmental results, the firm’s comprehensive retrofit service was recognized for demonstrating innovative, impactful, and replicable energy savings across the country.

As many areas of the United States are facing serious water shortages, the cost of water and wastewater is rising rapidly across the country. Our team has over twenty years of water conservation experience implementing our Water Conservation Services in thousands of multifamily apartment units across the United States. We are based in Houston, Texas and are one of the top choices for Houston water conservation.

By focusing primarily on multifamily apartment properties, the experts at eConserve have developed extensive knowledge and understanding in what it takes to execute a successful water conservation program.

The eConserve Shared Savings Program
eConserve offers a Shared Savings Program that allows eConserve to make 100% of the up-front investment for a water conservation project and recoup that investment by sharing the property's savings. Both of the eConserve services include a full inspection of all units on the property. During this inspection, all drips and leaks in the units will be identified and repaired, all kitchen and bathroom aerators and all showerheads will be replaced. For toilets, eConserve customers can choose from the Toilet Replacement Service or the Retrofit Service.

There is NO RISK so please GO GREEN and save money with eConserve today.

Our Partners & Affiliates

For the past decade, eConserve has had the opportunity to successfully execute multifamily water conservation programs across the United States. Thanks to our partners and allies we have saved millions of dollars for our customers and saved over 8 billion gallons of water for the environment.

eConserve, water conservation partner, Niagara Conservation
eConserve, water conservation partner, Ancillary Analytics
eConserve, water conservation partner, Affordable Community Energy
eConserve, water conservation partner, Retrofit Chicago
eConserve, water conservation partner, Bay Area Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, NAHMA
eConserve, water conservation partner, Chicagoland Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, Texas Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, Indiana Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, National Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, Grete Nashville Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, Apartment Association Greater Dallas
eConserve, water conservation partner, Atlanta Apartment Association
eConserve, water conservation partner, Houston Apartment Association
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