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Toilet Replacement Service saves apartment property $133,000 this year

The Background


The multifamily property in San Antonio, Texas was built in 1971 and has a total of 376 apartment units. The property still had the original and inefficient plumbing fixtures – toilets, showerheads and aerators.


In 2017, the water/sewer bills averaged $16,016 per month and the average monthly water consumption was over 1.89 million gallons.


The Solution


eConserve surveyed the property and created an audit on past water usage to design a unique solution to save water.


In January 2018, eConserve implemented its Toilet Replacement Service. This water conservation service replaces toilets with an efficient Niagara Stealth toilet as well as fixes all drips and leaks and installs water-saving products to sinks and showers in every unit.

The Results

In the seven months after the completion of the water conservation solution, the results have been great.
The average monthly water consumption dropped from 1.89 million gallons of water to 530,000 gallons of water, saving 1.36 million gallons of water for the environment.
The average water/sewer expense dropped from $16,016 per month to $4,938 per month, a 69% financial savings.

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