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Benchmarking Consumption Helps Bring Value

For multifamily properties, one of the most important things they can do is to benchmark their water and energy consumption. Benchmarking is becoming an increasingly popular activity for property owners looking to bring more property value and save costs.

A 2017 study by WegoWise finds properties that actively benchmark consumption and prioritize water and energy efficiency see savings of 4.3% or better. Benchmarking increases a property owner’s awareness on water and energy usage. They are more mindful of their consumption and are motivated to aim for savings. Properties that have access to additional resources are more likely to actually reduce consumption. Helpful resources include: support staff dedicated to helping owners understand their consumption, low-cost or free conservation audits to identify improvements, and assistance with finding funding opportunities.

eConserve’s Free Water Consumption Analysis is a great resource that provides an audit on 12 months of historical water consumption, and uses that benchmark to determine eligibility for improvements. Properties can send in their last 12 months of water & sewer bills, last 12 months of occupancy, along with the bedroom/bathroom unit breakdown, and eConserve will be able to determine if our Retrofit Service or our Toilet Replacement Service is right for you. By offering these services, properties can be more water-conscious and be able to see the water savings month by month. This is a hands-off option for property owners that want to add property value and save money on their monthly water bills. eConserve retrofits multifamily units with water saving products, including the Niagara Stealth 0.8 gpf toilet, in order to reduce water consumption. To assist with funding, we do offer a Shared Savings Program where we’ll pay all upfront costs and recuperate those costs through monthly savings, so there’s no risk to start conserve water and save costs.

A professional holds up a mobile tablet at a desk with a laptop and charts and graphs on paper. This is a photo for a blog post for eConserve, a multifamily water conservation expert.

Our company offers the exact resources that the WegoWise study found to actively reduce consumption:

1. Our team is dedicated to helping multifamily properties understand water conservation.

2. We offer a free water consumption analysis to identify a unique solution and the estimated water savings eConserve would bring.

3. We can assist with financing the project through our Shared Savings Program.

Benchmarking alone does not automatically correlate to water savings. It is essential to change water consuming habits in order to see a direct change. For apartments and multifamily properties, this includes:

1. Teaching tenants about the importance of reporting drips and leaks

2. Recommending turning off running faucets when they are not in use

3. Encouraging residents to take shorter showers

4. Turning off the sprinklers when there is a rain forecast

5. Implementing a water conservation program

Educating staff and residents on how their habits affect water usage can introduce eco-friendly living to your community. Taking action is the key towards seeing results from benchmarking. Do your part to explore more ways your multifamily property can save water.

We are a top choice for Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas water conservation, and we've serviced properties all over the nation since 2008. Read more about the company in the Our Story page.

Contact eConserve today ( or 713-662-3220) for a free analysis and benchmarking on your multifamily property to determine the potential for water consumption savings.


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