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Your Multifamily Water Conservation Experts

While eConserve has been a national industry leader since 2008, those unfamiliar with us still have their questions. Water conservation programs include replacing fixtures with low-flow products to conserve water and reduce expenses. Our company works with multifamily housing specifically to save them gallons of water everyday.

Here's a snapshot of our company background:

1. Firm Introduction:

eConserve is an award-winning multifamily water conservation company. We are based in Houston, TX, and we service properties all over the nation to help save 40% to 60% of a multifamily asset’s water/sewer annual expense, increase the asset’s NOI and property value, as well as promote water conservation.

2. Experience:

Our team has over 20 years of experience in water conservation. eConserve has serviced over 225,000 multifamily units in 22 states around the US, saving around 8 billion gallons of water since 2008. We have retrofitted a range of property types including conventional, senior living, student housing, and affordable housing. We also have serviced multiple portfolios for large firms. In 2015, eConserve was named the Retrofit Chicago Innovative Partnership of the Year by the Commercial Buildings Initiative and the NRDC for a property we retrofitted. The award is for properties in Chicago that pledge to improve energy efficiency by 20% within five years. A property we retrofitted in early 2018 was also the winner of the 2019 NAA Return on Energy Award for its 64% savings to water consumption.

Photo of the eConserve logo over a picture of a bathroom.

3. Services:

a. We offer a Free Water Consumption Analysis to analyze a property’s water usage and determine the daily cost and consumption per unit. We use information such as past water consumption, average monthly occupancy, current water & sewer rates, and the unit mix breakdown to see if the property is eligible for our two no-cost shared savings water conservation programs. After performing the analysis, we can give clients an estimate of potential savings.

b. Our Retrofit Service includes identifying and fixing all drips and leaks inside every apartment unit, installing new low-flow faucet aerators & showerheads, and replacing toilet flappers and flush valves inside every apartment unit.

c. Our Toilet Replacement Service includes everything in the Retrofit Services however, we will replace current toilets with a 0.8 gallons per flush high-efficiency toilet, the most efficient toilet on the market. This is our most popular option. eConserve will also provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance for both services.

4. Product Specialties:

Our products are all EPA WaterSense labeled, meaning they meet the EPA’s specifications of water efficiency (on average 20% more efficient than comparable products) and performance.

5. Pricing and Fees:

Our pricing is unique to every property. We use a variety of data during the analysis phase to determine its eligibility for savings and the cost of implementation. We offer a Shared Savings Program where eConserve will pay the upfront costs and we’ll recuperate our investment within 3 years by sharing in the savings.

Download our introduction packet HERE with all the information above as well as our client references and our case studies to get a better sense of what eConserve does, and how we can help your property with water conservation!

Contact eConserve today ( or 713-662-3220) for a free analysis on your multifamily property to determine the potential for water consumption savings.


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